Chemnitz 2018

Human Dignity Is Violable

Article 1 (1)
Constitunional Law
Date: 27.08.2018

In reaction to the degenerated protests of radical right-wing groups in Chemnitz (Saxony, Germany) last year, Luis Bortt created a heavy, dark and gloomy silk-screen printed T-Shirt. The printed photographs have been shot by Elisa Künast and Luis Bortt when 65.000 people demonstrated in Chemnitz for a non-rascist, liberal society. With the general slogan “Wir sind mehr (We are more)", the political movement showed that a lot of people truly contend against the rise of right-wing power in Germany.

KUNZTEN Editorial#1 shot at Gleisdreieckpark (Berlin) and at the bat-Studiotheater on the stage of Gábor Czájder's theater performance "Ein Erinnerungsstück”.


set-design at bat-Studiotheater

Luis Bortt
Luis Bortt
Augustine Schneider
Meron Welderufael
Alexander Wertheim

Special thanks to Gábor and Alex who provided us the opportunity to shoot at the Studiotheater and to Elisa Künast for arranging everything.